April 19th, 2004

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In the face of who knows what

In order to stop feeling like I can't get anything done, I diverted myself from the huge list of things that I really want to be doing, and patched up a gaping hole in my chest. Poemranker is brought back to life today. Ish. I mean, it wasn't very dead before--there were two problems, and seven or so hours took care of them. Search is now far more searchalicious than before, and the "users" page (a link off the menu from any page) no longer, er, well, crashes the user who happens upon it. I suspect that was scaring a lot of people off. Or something. Who knows?

I also wayback-researched my site and put links up to older versions of it, for my own posterity. Or whatever. Did I mention I'm tired? Right. La. What else? Oh, and I spend two hours making a 'favorites' feature so people can keep track of the poems they really really like. And stuff.

I think that's all I did with poemranker. Which is all I did with anything, other than helping amy scan some images, helping amy with some html and css to get her math looking all sexy, and ... the weekly indian lunch buffet, ... ... ... yesterday was a lot of starcraft, and finally finishing of WC3:TFZ which had been occupying the last three weekends, give or take. Ending was such a teaser, but I suppose I just need to learn more about World of Warcraft. NOT going to play it. Just want to know the story. La la la.

I've been having rather unpleasant nightmares for a long time, now. I wish they'd stop so I could get a decent night's rest and not feel like shit when I wake up. Though going to bed at 2:30 is not going to make that any easier. Last week was my week of coffee. I think I overdid it. This week, no coffee. I may need to go more than one week without to get it all out of my system. Silly shit.

Nothing much to say. Lots of other things need being worked on. They know what they are. Priorities are hard to figure out and run with.

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My life at timbuk2

I am the expert at pissing people off.

brianj (4:54:39 PM): ping.
kaolin (4:54:44 PM): pong.
brianj (4:54:54 PM): can we speak?
kaolin (4:55:00 PM): certainly. here or voice?
brianj (4:55:03 PM): voice

This is my boss, BTW.

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