December 13th, 2003

2016, fenris + phoenix


I'm spending days, becoming weeks, of aggravation, trying to save myself just that. I want to write a game. Maybe I should start simple again, just to get into the groove of an environment. I want to write a game for windows. In c. (or c++, whatever). A tetris clone is really as far as I've gotten before, and I've done that in two different environments, and... I'm all confused. I will be, essentially, starting fresh; perhaps redoing groovy tetris to start, perhaps jumping straight to 3d...

This makes some good points:

I'm looking at, for compilers:
  • DJGPP -- I used this a few times, didn't really like it, but it may have matured? free.
  • mingw -- free, clean, simple
  • lcc -- Nice enough. Clean. $500 for commercial use
  • visual c++ 6.0 (old, yes, and nasty, yes)
  • gcc?

Then for graphics:
  • Allegro (easy under DJGPP), does 3d with "ex3d" -- nothing really fancy, lots of manual 3d making. an insane number of doclinks
  • SDL
  • PLIB seems nice, maybe. Is it mature? I'm not sure. I don't even know how to tell. I wish I knew what I was doing
  • OGRE -- an object-oriented graphics rendering engine; several orders of magnitude more than I need to start with, I think, but I'd like to be able to move here for later games... perhaps... [[getting started with vc++7]]
  • Crystal Space -- perhaps more of a package than I want for simple 3d, non-fps games?
  • OpenGL -- low level, extremely cool, ... I feel that I should start here, perhaps? [[gcc]] [[tutorials, tending towards linux]] [[(toolkit faq)]]
  • GLUT -- glut is well-suited to learning opengl, simple, easy, and small. but not good for a large program with a sophisticated user interface</a>

For sound:
  • FMOD -- it's a bit expensive if I want to shareware ($100 license/platform) or *really* publish ($1000-$4000 per platform), but seems to be creme de la creme...
  • Housemarque aka midas -- another free for free use sound lib, "contact" for commercial use
  • JgMod -- MOD playing engine for allegro.