October 10th, 2003

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current grocery list:

Four hours sitting in various rooms waiting to get wounds scrubbed. They did xrays reasonably quickly, and handed those to me to take down to a doctor, but they didn't get looked at for some time.

they gave me a 'scrip for vicodin, but I plan on not filling it.

trying to stay home and rest, today. hard to rest with 1/5 of the skinmissing from my right knee, and it bruised to boot. (three large superficial knee wounds). then I've got each of my right toes bandaged, the left bit of my right ankle, left side of my right heel... missing. (again, all superficial wounds).

left and right elbows are bruised and scabbed. left foot has various injuries that don't hurt. and my glasses opened a third eye. we'll see how that goes.

Thankfully, my horribly swollen and oddly-feeling left pinky is not broken. I've actually still never broken a bone. Strange body. And the upper ribcage pains apparently didn't mean anything (and have since gone away), as well with the strange neck (adam's apple) pain.