October 8th, 2003

2016, fenris + phoenix

for the sake of saying something

many of my emails to various people I mainly keep in touch with by email... are about my life, my feelings, what's going on... you know, things that one would keep in a journal.

I don't find them particularly interesting, but if I'm not overflowing interesting and wonderful things, then I might as well make the occasional note of life-as-I-know-it for my future self. Or something like that. Or the next stalker that wants to read my public history ;)

today my tooth hurts. it's not a tooth that's hurt before, if I recall. ((I still have two abscessed, rotted-out wisdom teeth I need to have cut out. some day...)) it's one to the left of my lower left center tooth. If my memory worked, I'd know exactly what number and have a less confusing description... except then you'd have to know what I was remembering, and have your memory and mine agree.

Went to the dentist on saturday (this is before my tooth hurt; as I said, that started today). all was fine, except he tried to raise the fire and brimstone to get me to floss ("for the sake of your guuuums, my brother") [[he's a funny dentist... on purpose]]. so I've been brushing "better" and flossing... daily... flossing makes my hands hurt.

And yeah. Arnold is governor. I voted against the recall, but didn't like any of the alternatives. I wound up voting for some lawyer for the legalisation of marijuana. Yep, I helped fill that "4%: other" category. Yay me.
2016, fenris + phoenix


I'm tinkering behind the scenes. hopefully some day soon (in a week or two?) I'll finish. unveiling. something that probably won't work as well as the current site, with my luck. or at best the difference won't be noticed. or some shit such as that. but... it's worth a try. simplifying, cleaning, removing the huge "load" time to get it up to speed. meanwhile, I managed to speed up the "view random poem" code tenfold on the live site, even.

go click away at random random random! ;)

and nfg is getting very little notice from a $10 ad on kuro5hin. 3 clickthroughs in 3 days after 1600 impressions. 8400 impressions to go. My impression? Maybe google is a better idea. I like google. It did good things for poemranker back in the day. :) That was before yahoo siteoftheday'd it. Which just can't be beat for instant traffic. How can I do that for nfg?

We need some free content online.