September 4th, 2003

2016, fenris + phoenix

I had coffee this morning

I had coffee this morning. It feels *sooooo* good.


traffic into the city was interesting. There was a stalled truck (I presume in one of the middle lanes). had traffic fully backed up "to the foot of the maze" which isn't too impressive. But. Traffic was really only going about 5mph, regulated by a cop car and tow truck trying to get the stall into the lefthand lane. Which meant as soon as I broke through the traffic it was a clean, clear 90mph to my exit. That felt sooooooo good.


coffee coffee coffee.

lets see how work chooses to ruin my day today. :)

[[edit: 9:20am and the buzz has faded. le sigh.]]
2016, fenris + phoenix

3 in 1

Three posts in one day? Am I mad? Am I back?


Such it is.

Xcolibur is interesting (new livejournal skin). Goodbye dystopia. I never really knew you (well, I didn't know you were called dystopia. A misnomer, I think. But... okay, now XColibur is... stark. plain. cool. collected. repeat.)

Such it is.

I'm tired. Bed will happen soon.

But I printed out my page as a "bio" and printed out four of my paintings on a separate sheet and stapled those both to my "artist's application" for gaylords... and walked down there and turned it in. WHOOHOO. Yay me. now I can just hope for a show. :)

I ran an errand in the city during lunch. To the wrong address. That kinda sucked, but it worked out in the end: a chain of last-minute-saves came together and got me to the right place with the right materials to deliver something that could be very important for NFG.

And I did laundry. I need to go pick up the second load. :whee: