July 3rd, 2003

2016, fenris + phoenix

two moments on a morning

"Barreling down the freeway at 130mph on your motorcycle is a bad time to ask 'How did I get here?'" No, I wasn't going that fast on my way to work. Traffic's not the sort to permit it, and I... dunno. I don't do that, much, these days, anyway.

But. Testosterone flowing. Motorcycle pulled up next to me at the first light off the freeway. And damn, she pulled out fast--it was beautiful. We zigged and zagged a little and pulled up next to each other (and a third bike) at the next light.

There I got a good start and, while she powered past me in second or third, the light was red, so I didn't see it as worth fighting for. The next light, though, again a good start on my part, but a) I'm not a racer, b) I think she was on a Ducati. She *smoked* me. It was beautiful to watch.

And now I'm at work, having dodged around a car turning through my path of travel; must not have seen me? I guess. A little Jeep *slowly* piddled through. Bleah. If I go slowly, it's okay to cut off traffic through a green light? La la la.

La. :) Still, only the slightest screech on the pavement [not even a quarter second, I think], and a quick zip zip zip to get around. No harm, no foul.

Okay, one last moment--I woke up to some whining about poemranker in my inbox.

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:grumble: Potentially valid complaints, but if that's what the person *expected* to see, then what the hell? eh? eh? Plus, they were a bit inflammatory (or just stupid?) in a post on someone else's poem. The one that offended them. They said it wasn't poetry.