May 17th, 2003

2016, fenris + phoenix

current proceedings

I haven't worked out in ages, and my belly is really beginning to protrude. It's quite disgusting, espcially when I look down at it while I'm hunched over, typing this. :/

The chaos paper is coming along nicely, give or take. Nobody has time to give it a serious read-through, and that's doubly hampered by the fact that I'm not writing it in a serious manner (perhaps). But I'm up to 15 (relevant) articles cited from various journals (and conferences, and...) spanning the topics of chaos (of course), consciousness, neuroscience, computation, optics, math, and atmospheric studies. I'm at five pages, and haven't TOUCHED the "meat" of the paper that I want to present. Doing an insane amount of "this is background that you should have to piece together everything" (and really, a lot of rambling. but... oh well? I like the rambling, and it's hard to worry about it when I'm generally having fun, and it's not REALLY for a grade...) Again, while in production, it's at

Last night I played a long game of starcraft with a friend [and 3 computers, freeforall], and won a solid victory. Protoss+lots of time+lots of minerals == fleet of carriers, many dark archons, AND many fleets of snails + crabs. I missed getting terrans, but that's okay. It was a good game. I think he plays better than I do, and it was just my nasty tricks with going over the standard unit cap that got it for me.
2016, fenris + phoenix

some new photos up

and a new photo gallery thinger. I'm really excited about it, and I'm not quite sure why. But it's a really professionally put together software package (I had/have nothing to do with its development), for free, and it WORKS. Well, that's part of it being professional, methinks. I'm really impressed. There are little tweaks here and there that I'd prefer, but... they're working on 2.0 now, and I'm to understand that will be amazing beyond belief. ;) :) is where I've put (so far) one new album of pics. I'm sure these will all move, eventually... but for now, it's totally awesome. =)

And... Hmm. Ew, I just remembered that I made tea about three hours ago. I think that will have steeped a bit... much. Bitter, anyone? :) I've gotten nothing done, practically, today. Though I broke the webmail on my server a few days ago (a week ago, maybe) and... installed a new version of it which is MUCH spiffer. So I'm happy things are just... working, today. It's a rare day when things just work for me. A very rare day.

[update: it's now 3:30am, and I still haven't dealt with that tea. But I've put a couple hundred megs worth of photos into the gallery at, in several albums, with many sub-albums, and I *continue* to be impressed]