May 13th, 2003

2016, fenris + phoenix

two mostly irrelevant updates.

installed a different version of TeX, which wound up being prettier. Also learned/found a couple (dozen?) things over the last few days, including hyperref style, better pdf stupport-type-stuff, and a latex style for short fiction. :) see and [bemused is the story I've been working on since november. it's... almost there. ALMOST!!!!]

Did my third font, this one based on my dad's handwriting. I really like how it turned out. His hardwriting is fairly variable within repeats of any given letter, but copying a letter of his wound up looking remarkably similar. I'll call it a success for now (and I've gotten MUCH BETTER at turning handwriting into fonts. I should shell out the $50 for the program I'm using: High-Logic's Font Creator Program. [version 3]. my font's up at, along with leprechaun and Dwelf, both of which need... more attention.

But *everything* needs more attention these days. I'm doing what I can. That needs to be good enough.

I have hope.