March 14th, 2003

2016, fenris + phoenix

away, away, away

I'm off on "vacation" with Amy and her mom to sequoiah national park. wish me luck. I don't think I'm going to catch up on folk's journals when I get back. I'll try to pick up your lifethreads where they're floating then. :)

la la la.

this is going to be a packed vacation. trying to relax and have fun for amy, while trying to workworkwork for me and a job interview when I get back, and work on my story so that I can start to work on other stories again, and... so much to prove, most of it to myself.

I have too many (not too many. an unpleasant many, but I'm happier with them than without... just wish I could do more to catch up better...) projects that are "almost" to a finishing point where I could take some time off and enjoy a "relax".