March 9th, 2003

2016, fenris + phoenix

I have a new friends style

(where DOES the time go?)

la la la.

it's styleid 211611 [update: corresponding 'lastn' styleid is 211990]

for instance, one would use it as so:

smileydee (doesn't look good because she does her lovely page mostly with a remote stylesheet), hypothermya (not too shabby), diony (pretty good), pbrane (so so), arayahope (pretty nifty although not quite usable), ladypinkfloyd (way not usable), cthulhia (mostly usable), ex0teric (usable!), oonh (usable...), fetylum (very strange), kari_marie (very clean!), syntheticka (perfect, imo), wicker_girl (vaguely usable), ...

eh. I'll stop there. if anybody actually wants to use the style normally, youjust go to "modify journal" and enter the styleid for your friends style. I figure I'll make a "recent" style out of it eventually if I don't hate it too quickly. But overall, it didn't seem to do a good job of just 'plinking' down on top of other folks' styles... bleah.

of course, it requires paid user status. :/