February 26th, 2003

2016, fenris + phoenix

how do you learn?

I have many interests, and theoretically all my time at the moment is free, beyond basic chores such as feeding and minimally grooming myself, and addictions such as the aforementioned food, and sleep (thankfully, breathing doesn't seem to get :in the way: of doing other things).

I don't have much of an attention span, so far as I can tell. Possibly working on a project that could possibly help measure that, to some extent (a super-duper-and-the-kichen-sink to-do list).

There are many fields I want to dive into, and many I just want to know better. There are things I want to do better than I currently do. There are things I want to do that I don't, yet. I don't progress in these fields nearly as well as I feel I ought to. Some fields I don't learn about at all--I buy the books and they sit on my shelf and I don't read them. I don't do anything. I really wonder where all my time goes... (writing posts like this? No, this post is far more interesting, I think, than my typical whine whine whine...)

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