December 29th, 2002

2016, fenris + phoenix

I am not dead.

that seems to be my usual once-every-so-often post. Kinda wishing I was, but not. Wanting a fucking reset button.

Wanting a couple of other buttons too, like a "this makes your girlfriend horny" button. It's really kinda painful -- watched a couple of movies (the whole nine yards, SOB) that had lots of sex/nudity/whatnot... the biggest turn on by far was how avidly horny the respective females were. I want that sort of magnetism, at least in my monogomous relationship. :/

beyond that... spent a week and a day down in L.A. Now I've got about a month's worth of stuff to catch up on (I'd already been putting things off for a while, trying to relax... and I can't concentrate for the life of me while I'm down there -- the television is essentially in the same room as the computer, the computer's on a 56k connection, the monitor's resolution is, well, low... and there's always a handful of people about). Plus I somehow lost my usual night-time schedule, so even my most productive hours were nonexistant.

but enough whining. I doubt I'll catch up on most of your journals. Hope all is well, and I expect I'll be keeping up with them again for a while, at least. I might have to unsub slashdot -- it's nice, but.... yeargh.