December 5th, 2002

2016, fenris + phoenix

a start?

I just applied to a local college for a secondary BS. I feel better about doing that then trying to just go for grad school in something I'm not that familiar with. and maybe after a year of undergrad, if I do really well, I can try to get into a grad program somewhere else (as I expect I'm going to be moving around then anyway...)

I hate having to plan things out a year+ in advance. horrible stuff, it is.


and now, one more letter to send out (about fractalranker, looking for some concept help) and then... read and crit two stories and then... maybe I can write my own fucking stuff for a bit. it's been so long. it really has. ugh.

that is all. :/
2016, fenris + phoenix

worthless, cycles, cycles

So I applied to a state college for a secondary BS today. I'll probably hear more about that in six months. Hopefully I didn't fuck up the application. That's kinda the mood I'm in. Expecting to fuck everything up.

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