September 9th, 2002

2016, fenris + phoenix


I geuss it's just one of those days? Maybe I'm only 8 hours behind. (8 hours!!! it doesn't feel like 8 hours...)

I woke up at 6 to the sound of breaking glass, Amy, profusely apologetic, rushing out the door for school. The need to clean up the glass before the cats did something stupid (or even just tracked it around to make my life hell) dragged me out of bed sooner than not. But of course I sit down at the computer before anything else. I have to. Just in case the world's fallen apart.

And today, it has. Poemranker/NFG (and a couple of other sites that I care less about) are down. Down down down. The computer's running fine, but I can't get the webserver to start up -- mysterious error 11. My heart freezes.

I'd upgraded the java on the machine in the hope of speed and stability increases. (My webserver runs on java... Resin... I really like it...) But I didn't test the new java because I didn't want to bring the webserver down and back up. So my immediate fear is that. And four hours later I'd justified that fear.

The first thing I tried to do was revert to the old version of java, but that didn't do any good. Not sure why... just a matter of changing a symbolic link; it's not like this is a windows box. Anyway... no go. So I download several other versions of java, no other clue what to do, and try them out one by one. (I had been using linux-sun-1.4b2, upgraded to linux-sun-1.4_1, reverted to linux-sun-1.4b2, reverted to linux-sun-1.3.1, installed and tried linux-1.3.1, installed and tried linux-ibm-1.3.1, and finally freebsd's native 1.3.1. that worked. by then it was 9am.)

So with the site up and running again, poemranker was moving really slowly. I figured it was the downgrade to 1.3.1, even though it SHOULD be faster since it was running natively, now. So I started tearing into poemranker's code base trying to spiffty it up. After an hour or so I notice resin (or some part of it) was running 99% of the cpu. I kill/restart it and it's perfectly happy and speedy. Except for the code I'd been working on tweaking.

And five hours after that, I finish my tweaks and get poemranker working again. Not all that well, possibly worse, but working. And I'm not going to touch it for a bit.
2016, fenris + phoenix

an interesting thread on perception/reality

> Well, that's being a bit dramatic. I think that all it leads to is not
> having answered the question. I've yet to find anything that leads to a
> dissolution of reality. (that statement's just BEGGING for splorg-flames)

5-MeO-Di-Methyl Tryptamine.

fifteen minutes of lack of reality.

> Yeah, that's the first kind of response that I expected. That doesn't
> change reality.. only perception.

Collapse )

So, if and only if, I could dose EVERY HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS with say, a week's
worth of LSD, then I would have changed reality for a week? Because there
wouldn't be a soul to say I didn't? :)