September 7th, 2002

2016, fenris + phoenix


Someone posted a nifty question (Why do you take photographs) on a mailing list I'm on, and this is my response to a response to a response to a response... I liked what I had to say. what are your thoughts on photography?

    This is something I've never quite fully grasped, although I'll admit to falling for it sometimes too. I agree that the world and its inhabitants are beautiful, and I enjoy surrounding myself with them. Why the pictures though?

    If you need to surround yourself, just go outside. If you need to remember the world's beauty, just open your eyes (and the window). Why pictures though?

    How does a still image of the world remind you of it any better than the Earth's dynamic side?

    Often the beauty (at least what I consider beauty) is hard to see or find in the day to day life around you. Literally hard to see, for instance a spider on the far wall... or just ignored, because it's there, over and over again. or hard to see because it needs just the right time of day (a sunset), and a good location (a sunset)...

    Of course, there's the difficulty that what is in the world as beautiful does not necessarily translate to beautiful in a picture; but the converse is thankfully true as well -- what is not necessarily beautiful in the real world can be stunning in a picture. so pictures, in a sense, can "create" beauty.

    but little else. I prefer a movie to a photograph any day. Perhaps a more interactive experience.

    I haven't really tried taking movies, yet; my camera can do fifteen second
    movies at much lower resolution. (well, and minute long movies at much, much lower resolution...) I find my attempts with photography can capture something far better than my attempts with the limited animate/aural medium. There's only one move I've taken that I like better than any possible picture of the same thing... (from one of those round tire swings, staring up at the ball joint, spinning around and aroung).

Hmm. In retrospect I didn't say nearly as much as I thought. But that in itself is good to remember. La.