August 24th, 2002

2016, fenris + phoenix

goodbye gerald...

it doesn't seem real. sold, $250, beautiful bike (well, in some ways). Popped up the idle so the buyer could ride it home...

to a good home for it, I hope.

amy's gone for a few days, then I'm gone for a week

I've been rather listless since Amy left (this afternoonish). Watched an hour or two of the discovery channel. (good stuff. I wish it wasn't so dumbed down. If I had a snapshot of every five or ten minutes, that would be a good speed, I think) or maybe if I recorded it and then listened to it on fast forward, with all the non-voice-over bits cut out completely.

just had the idea to play some music and turn on the light, and that's doing a bit of good for my mood. did laundry -- had JUST enough (to the quarter) to do it (including a couple quartrs I found on the floor... though as I type this I see another pile of change on the floor with more quarters in it. ah well -- I would probably have found them, I suppose. :)

An itch exists to play starcraft and forget about everything else. Or work on beating warcraft 3 on hard (haven't played it since ed was up, I think... something like that). but I have so much to read and learn. I'm really... overwhelmed with the things that I want to do. and none of them appeal immediately.

I want to write. not productive, but... maybe I can work on that. prepare a couple things off of my list and then write. (I keep telling myself... but I did do that painting, at least, as unspectacular as that may seem to you... I haven't created anything in so long...

tonight I should be... packing, cleaning, mailing stuff back to NFG, applying for work... and picking up a friend from BART. That last one will definitely happen. :)