July 15th, 2002

2016, fenris + phoenix

saving face through miscommunication

do you ever notice yourself speak some tidbit of information, have someone correct your facts, and then reframe what you said such that if you had actually meant it in the new context/frame then you were actually correct.

or if someone notices a slip and you rush to correct it somehow, and then they decide that it wasn't really a slip -- even without input from you, or with very lame input that doens't help at all... they give you the benefit of the doubt at least of having known what you said and meant it in a way that made sense?

am I making any sense now? was just thinking in the shower and replaying a snippet of conversation I had a few nights ago... wondering why it's so hard to admit to not knowing stuff... especially when others *assume* that you would know it...

la la la bleah.
2016, fenris + phoenix

pop quiz: friendship

what, to you, is a friend? where does the line stretch between acquaintance and friend? how much does the line move depending on context (who you're talking to... or when the last time you saw a given person was... or your mood at the time...) or is that even a line you consider? do you have different dimensions you rate these things on?

how much of a friend is how well you know them? how often you hang out with them? how long you hang out when you do? how much you talk with them? what you talk about? how much of a friend is how long you've known them? the history you've shared? mutual interests? how much of a friend is simply some unknown chemistry/pheromones/yogsoggoth/fnord?

what do you think of when someone asks you if "you and soandso are friends"? try rating the items in the previous paragraph in order. or on a scale of 1 to 10. does the order vary depend on the individual friend/friendship? if so, are there different types of friendships? different things you use the word friend to mean?

bonus question: where does love fit into all of this?