June 21st, 2002

2016, fenris + phoenix

she cannae take much more cap'n

N-E-way. right. roit. right.

So a flip side of the coin of "I'm getting older, I can't work the way I used to" is the question... "Could I ever?"

Maybe when I was "in practice" staying up through every other night... I was walking around in a continuous nonthinking haze, and so it never seemed so odd to me -- one day was as good as anyother, either sleep dep'd or hungover from such. Truly hard to say. I seem to take better care of myself and such as that these days. Am I performing better on average? How the hell would one measure that subjectively? I definitely don't have the patience (stamina?) to test empirically.

And tangentially, just because... where does all the time go? Where does all *your* time go? I've been good about filling almost all my time with projects the last four days or so, and I'm seeing how much time a project really takes without spending so many hours inbetween throughts staring at the screen. How do you keep yourself from ... staring at the screen, vegging out ... ? How do you keep yourself focused on the things you tell yourself you want to be focused on? [methamphetamines are not an option]