May 29th, 2002

2016, fenris + phoenix

pool :)

My ankle itches and I just realized that it's because I burned it a bit on my bike's pipe. I wasn't really thinking -- it was a mental accident as opposed to a physical one. But damn, it probably hurts a hell of a lot if it's "itching" when I'm this buzzed. drunk?

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2016, fenris + phoenix

introspection and extrospection

questions re: exercise -- does anyone know?

Does the body use more energy to travel at the extremes of temperature than when it is mild? Is it better to do exercise during the heat of the day where the body needs to strain further to operate overheated, dehydrated... or at the cold of night when the body has to strain further to generate the heat that is being so quickly sapped away, or somewhere inbetween?

Is it better to eat before or after exercise? I'm afraid to just eat when hungry because I seem to be much hungrier when I'm less lethergic... and I don't want to simply match what I'm using; that would be truly silly.

How is best to breathe when jogging? I typically can't breathe through my nose at all, but find myself lapsing into three steps in and three steps out. I'd like to increase my lung capacity, though it seems a large part of my problem with breathing when running is a lack of hydration.

How do you hydrate to go on a long run? [30 minutes? an hour?] Do you take a camelback or waterbottle, or know places to stop with water fountains, or do you simply soak it all up beforehand?

Below is a good summary of life at the moment -- I'll save it here and then continue.

I've been... delving into my feelings of inadequacy lately -- working on
obstacles of "being fat" and "being ignorant".

This last week I've taken to jogging whenever I need to go somewhere close
by (once a day, pretty much). I don't know much about exercise but I figure
anything will help.

And I've been reading nonfiction for the first time in a long time. So
far, so good. My projects are falling behind, but I'm feeling much better
about myself (projecting the hope that I can continue this for a while).

I've also slowly been jotting down notes of "the real world" and free
associating from them, as it's been some time since I wrote anything of
my own... hopefully soon.


on to the paper notebook

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