May 28th, 2002

2016, fenris + phoenix

forcing inspiration

or at least action. the last few days amy's parents were up and we ate well. too well. a week ago, I started jogging down to the hardware store every day (I kept forgetting stuff I needed, or learning later I needed something more or something different). I did that for three or four days and was feeling good about myself and my chance of losing my spare tire. I was looking forward to the day that I'd be able to jog down to the hardware store... and jog back! [I don't know how far it is, really. an easy five minute lope downhill, give or take. maybe seven or eight minutes, really. anybody know a good way to judge distance when jogging? I keep meaning to take my bike the route, but I don't quite care enough. Maybe tonight when I go out to play pool with brandon.

In any case, no exercise and heavy eating for four days and I was feeling more bloat of body than I'd started with. I don't need anything more at the hardware store yet, and I was dead tired from an unusual schedule and lack of motivation... so I somehow roused myself to jogging down to the rose garden. But I wanted to have something to write on if inspiration (I hoped I hoped I hoped) struck. I'm about 12 days down on 100poems; sad. I didn't have anything small enough to fit conveniently in a pocket, so I jogged down to the 7/11 -- the other direction, but... not bad. half downhill, half uphill, short but had my heart racing. I'm so out of shape. (call that two and a half to three city blocks...) There I got a small notepad, and jogged and walked to the rose garden (which is most of the way to the hardware store but a bit askew and overall not downhill; ESPECIALLY when starting from the 7/11).

Anyway, (I hope this fits) what follows are notes I jotted down, doing my damnedest to free associate. Four and a quarter tiny pages, front and back. Collapse )
2016, fenris + phoenix

size of the tire

at my least pleasant, I'm 34.5 inches. This isn't a real waist measurement, but the largest number I could get following my spare tire all the way around.

It's at least two inches, more like three, away from where I'd like to be. Sick, no?

Umm. How many pounds is that difference, roughly?