April 29th, 2002

2016, fenris + phoenix

nasty dreams

basically, people were avoiding me, sometimes quite elaborately (boarding up hallways and nailing doors shut). These were my supposed "friends".

expanding outwards from those dilapidated apartments, I'm wandering around the warehouse district. Apparently I live in apartments in the middle of a plot of warehouses and heavy industry and such.

I'm drafted into a porn shoot with some beautiful models to take place in an adjacent lot. Only it turns out they all hate me. Great, neh?

I'm wandering around rather dejectedly and all of the sudden a cop pulls up behind me and starts to arrest me for jaywalking. He pulls his gun on me and I laugh and take it out of his hands and shoot him twice between the eyes before he slumps down.

Then I start realizing that this wasn't a game. Now I had to get out of there quick, somehow. For some reason I thought the quickest way would be to take the cop car, so I started running down scenarios of how I'd ditch it and where I'd go... cliffs, airplanes... I started wishing I knew copcodes and such so that I could pretend to be the guy I killed and put off search/detection.

Next I was in a plane, sitting; we'd already taken off and I was tearing through foam padding in the ceiling trying to get to something that I'd left there that would save me, somehow.