March 19th, 2002

2016, fenris + phoenix

what is your "work"?

I kept meaning to sit down and give the question "What is your real work?" a lot of thought -- not that I thought it needed it per se, but that I had a good idea in my head and thought that that would need a fair amount of help making it to a reasonable read. Unlike this paragraph so far. ;)

Okay, a few moments to concentrate.

I write, paint, poet, and develop software; I also have goals outside those domains.

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2016, fenris + phoenix

today is a day for ... noticing the rest of my life.

this is something I have been thinking on for a while, but finally had the time to write it down in an email to someone who deserved to hear it, and umm, it seemed good to record here.

See, I'd convinced myself (with help) to sell my bike, since it wasn't running and it was an "impossible project".

And then...

I sunk $200 into random electronic miscellany and other parts to see if any of it will make a difference (I'm hoping to at least fix the blinker issue, put on new engine guards, relatively new clutch/break hand levers, and umm... maybe a new seat. Will see what happens.

I figure I probably can't do more damage to the system with what I have planned. And maybe I can get it running or at least up its resale value. And if I can get it running, maybe I can ride it for a while while looking into other bikes...

don't you love rationalization? :)