October 29th, 2001

2016, fenris + phoenix

It's been forever...

I haven't actually looked to see when the last time I said anything was but I'm sure it was a long while ago.

Life has been... good, busy, at times indifferent. Fairly tired. A group of folks is starting a zine and I'm doing the website for it. There's something there so far, currently working on infrastructure still. NFG -- com, net, and org were taken, and the person paying for it lives in canada, so... yeah.

I'm using stylesheets for the first time and that's kinda cool. Learned a fair amount about postgresql (how to save files to the database, basically) and learned more about resin (how to upload files). Hrm. I need to mention to folks that if we plan on making money at some point in the future, we'll need to pay for resin. It's $500 or so -- not bad, really. Very worth it.

Did house hunting with Amy a bit. Looked at two places -- one wasn't big enough for the two of us (in my mind) and the other wasn't big enough for the three of us (Raf would be moving with us, hopefully).

We need to have a Talk about Stuff before anything drastic, though. I hope it goes well. Fears of the future -- fears of enjoying the present without enough care for the future.

Work has been giving me some work lately. I'm actually supposed to be drawing up a draft report of a meeting I kinda led on friday. Going to start on it as soon as I can clear my head and feel like I caught up on other obligations, since I'm out of the house.

Hrm. I haven't been paying attention to the news lately but it looks like the stock market's slumping a bit again. Ah well. It's kinda neat to watch it rollercoaster. I put a little money on the tracks just... to feel it, I guess. And because "it's a good long-term investment". presuming the US doesn't bomb itself into utter infamy.

Who knows, maybe corporations really will take over the world, neuromancer-style. I'm sure they wouldn't mind.

I haven't written anything or painted anything for some time. All my energy has been going to the website, work, amy, and donovan.

Donovan's a friend from back back way back that I never really knew. He's pretty cool. It's good to know him better. He's been crashing at my place for the last week and a bit until he can move. He's found a place, and I suppose he'll be moving into it on wednesday, give or take. last of the month, first of the month, and all that crap. Time to pay rent.

I haven't paid bills in a while. That's pretty stupid of me. Time to catch up on that. I think I wrote a note to myself in that vein on friday. I forgot about it. It was on a page with story notes that I haven't gotten back to.

Time to start to catch up on 100poems, I suppose. I've been writing poems on and off, but haven't gotten around to posting them. My 100 days is almost up. It will be kinda nice not to have that looming over me for a while. 3 months. Geeze. Next time (there will probably be a next time) I think I'm going to try a trick -- a poem when I wake up in the morning, each morning. I can gamble off that time much easier than any other time.

It's almost 6 months with Amy. On the 9th. I kinda have something planned, but I need to look into all the details and make sure it works. Her schedule (the schedule of a student) is always quirky, in my mind.

Oh, and I got a television via ebay. It doesn't work. Working with the person who sent it to me on filing a complaint. He insured it, thankfully. I'm expecting a call on Wednesday morning to set a time that day for someone to stop by and see the condition it's in. I hope it goes well. I don't want to be stuck with a broken television.
2016, fenris + phoenix


I suppose any day is the perfect day for a head cold, but DAMN DAMN DAMN this sucks.

I begin to understand why I went to sleep so early last night and how I managed to sleep so late.

As soon as the feliria goes away I might be able to pound that report through this massive headache. :( If I don't rip my nose off first... :( :( :(