October 16th, 2001

2016, fenris + phoenix


more and more and less and less. I need to finish more projects, or get the to stopping points, not keep starting more!

On a rush of optimism (from a nearly successful rewrite of my microchallenge rewrite), I set about rewriting another of my stories, one that had a decent premise but needed a lot more work. And so... I'm stuck on it. And it's yet another thing I need to be working on.

Has anyone used the lj todo list feature? I tend to keep mine on lots of scraps of paper that I every once in a while bring together onto a new shiny sheet of paper... and then ... and so on...


I just spaced out for (timecheck) an hour or so, cleaning up my main unix account and then playing with colors for the directory listing. how lame is that? at least stuff works much smoother. realized one of my files was overriding the one I tended to make all my changes in. oops. :)
2016, fenris + phoenix

trying to complete stuff

unrelatedly, an old old friend is crashing at my place for a week while looking for somewhere else to crash and for a job. hope that goes well. he should be showing up somewhere between 8 and 10 hours from now.

spent today rather unproductive. helped a friend with her java assignment and translated some TeX stuff for Amy (homework problem her professor sent her via email in ascii). I was proud of myself for being able to read it. :)

did a LOT of work on the chatroom for imaginaries. it's a fair bit cooler now. Will probably add it to poemranker shortly. :) maybe. one person subscribed to the poemranker mailing list! whoohoo! =)

that is all, I think.