October 14th, 2001

2016, fenris + phoenix

fuck the critics :)

saw bandits last night. it rocked! sure, I guessed the ending, and maybe bits were a bit hokey/silly/whatnot. But it wasn't TOO obvious and it rocked. Acting was great, story was good. So there.
2016, fenris + phoenix

finally getting off my ass?

I went to the MCB library at Berkeley the other day and began tracing down information to learn. I started with a paper by Yang Dan, picked out references of hers that looked good, and again one level deeper. Of course, they didn't have everything I wanted to find, but I've got a good hundred pages or so of dense reading ahead of me. I read some of it on an hour walk home, but... I need to categorize, study, understand, find the holes in my knowledge and find more things to plug them.

They have Science archived back to 1884! I couldn't resist the urge to flip it open and browse randomly. I opened it to someone critiquing the newfangled concept of the use of limits for teaching/understanding calculus as opposed to infintesimal intervals. OMG! That was so cool! =) ;)