October 2nd, 2001

2016, fenris + phoenix


I haven't said anything for a while. Again, probably spending most of my time in 100poems. Silly me. Trying to cultivate some sort of camaraderie-ish-stuff so as to get more comments on my stuff. :heh:

A thought I had while at Amy's parents' place this weekend: (I wrote it down. la la la.)

"Each relationship I've been in has given me a different set of parents with different expectations both conscious and unconscious, both spoken and unspoken, both interpreted by their daughters and uninterpreted. It's given me, I think, a broader view of humanity than I would otherwise have had, more data points on what I might at some point incorporate into my life."

Scary thoughts, neh? La la la. :)
2016, fenris + phoenix


Headlamp assembly fell off (not quite to the road, dangling...) on my way to work this morning. I need to do something about it before I try to drive home. The weldjob that had been holding it in place for probably two years decided to undo itself today. Thinking maybe JBweld will hold it, or... that metal gastank repair stuff seems REALLY SOLID. so maybe that stuff? I don't know which would be better. I've never actually USED JBweld before, just heard about its mythic properties and when NOT to use it (like fixing an exhaust. :heh: I've got silly friends)