August 20th, 2001

2016, fenris + phoenix

gerald lives... gerald bleeds...

So I got the old headlight off (it was broken and I didn't know where to get a replacement from; it's apparently NOT a harley lamp/structure). So I took the structure off of the kawasaki that's been lying around waiting to have its engine rebuilt, dremelled some holes, mounted it, and had working lights.

So I rode it into work today.

It had trouble starting, figured out it was low on fuel -- rode it halfway, sputtering, pushed it the rest (easier) -- just a block away to the gas station. Pumped it full. Started/ran beautifully.

It was misty in the morning, and my legs were wet. My left one more wet than the other, but I didn't really think about it.

I got to work, parked, and hopped off. When I noticed the side of the bike was wet ... and offcolor... the engine was coated with some strange rust deposit. And so was my left leg. And come to think of it, that WAS gasoline I smelled... ARGH.