July 31st, 2001


what is there to say?

What is there to say?
"I've been away..."
Perhaps I'm here today.

I'm still trying to get my motorcycle fixed. No word on that for a few weeks -- I need to get back in touch with the guy about it and see what's up.

I bought a '74 vw bug. Some part of the transmission went out. Hoped it was the clutch cable, seems to be deeper than that. Working on it, slowly. I need to get it towed to somewhere of my choosing before it's towed to somewhere not of my choosing.

I'm so, SO not ready for burning man. Maybe I will be by the time it occurs. If I'm not, that's fine as well. I look forward to it with eager eyes and mind.

Work exists, slowly.

Poemranker seems to be doing well.

Fractalranker is even more slowly coming to light. I haven't really touched it, have a friend working on it (it's a learning project for him).

Life with Amy is bliss. Coming up to our 3 month anniversary. That's an important number in her mind. I aim on celebrating it to the fullest, with the hope of many more such. We're going camping this weekend. That should be amazing.

I met my mother's daughter for the first time in my life. She is a very amazing critter (5 yrs my senior, married, teaching spanish at a parochial school, shared ownership of a house, and disturbingly like me in both looks and thoughts, though more like my mom than myself).

Perhaps there is much to say
as I have been gone away
"...one day perhaps I'll stay..."
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