April 1st, 2001

2016, fenris + phoenix

FOozy ozFOy yoOzF

A little out of it. One of those nice, laid back, laid back, tip tip tip thunk your head on the ground sort of days. Sent a friend home who'd been crashing here for a week, hung out with another for a couple hours, playing chess, contemplating various potential activities, discussing relationships, life, sex, jobs... went for a short walk and watched the water play in the wind with cars for whitenoise background.

<WHINE>I don't wanna go to work!</WHINE>
2016, fenris + phoenix


that was an interesting rush. people replied to stuff I said. very cool. and then i replied to what they said. and such.

a lot of typing.

a lot of craziness.

i like craziness.

this place seems to work. i'm impressed. i'm actually impressed.