March 30th, 2001

2016, fenris + phoenix


Time to go to sleep, I suppose. I hate being sick. A new day dawn day diddly day da day. Not really that out of it, but it did stick in my head from nowhere. Redyed my hair -- I think I like this new brand. Much more toxic than Fudge.

I hate being sick.

Mind. Focus. Gone. There. Somewhere. Neverwhere. More. Some such such such such. I don't quite understand. Common phrases repeated over and over, glimpses into a world repeated and reblended. Hmm. Another rant?
2016, fenris + phoenix


What is it with catchphrases? (I don't know if that's one word or two, maybe I'll try the spellchecker this thing offers -- I could psych it out and hyphenate it, but I don't think that's proper even if it is... at some level... proper. Hell, maybe that is the right way to do it. Whatever. :) Straying.

I find that in times of null thought I utter phrases I've heard. They tend to be phrases from things I liked, things that have little or nothing to do with the world at hand. I feel that a lot of my self is somehow defined by these random utterences. They confuse people, as best as I can tell -- they don't know when I'm making a point and when I'm not. Neither do I -- I mean, sometimes I am, sometimes I'm grasping for something, and sometimes I'm just saying words that are one small step above utterly random.

It's speaking in tongues at the phrase level. What's it mean? Most people would say (or most people I know would say) it means I'm not quite right in the head. Far from it. I don't know how serious they are. I get the feeling they're not sure either, that they don't really want to investigate that train of thought too far. They like me playfully eccentric.

Party on dudes, be excellent to eachother. How you get your hair that way? That hat, what do you call it? I'm a watermelon! Dominos, how may I help you? Pizza! Pizza! Thundercats, ho!
2016, fenris + phoenix


I hate it when I scare people I don't mean to.

I hate worrying about it, too.

I scare people a lot. Most of the time I don't care.

It's awfully hard to make friends, though. Especially close-ish ones.

Writing cryptically?

I suppose I am.

It has to do with scaring people, ish. I don't want to ... right now, at least. I need a rest. :) I think the world needs a rest every now and then.