quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

10:30 again. I don't know what it is with my internal clock but it so doesn't want to do duty. My hair is going to be painful to brush -- I forgot to yesterday and I headbanged. Followed hypothermya with folks to see Apoptygma. Some guys fought naked -- didn't look like the straps hurt *too* much. Might be an idea. Trying to decide if I have a fight in my system this year.

Two stick figures of folks (sisters) were fighting in the dome and one got a blow to the solar plexus that shut Apop and the thunderdome down for the night, driving the crows away. hypothermya gathered soe firedancer friends and they all made a crowd dispersing distration at the temple of atonement. They all danced pretty awesomely; met Rey, Tall (cloud?), Luchee, and [a couple other folks]. They danced for a while and then we retreated for drinks; the barter bar there was closed but folks were friends, so ...

danced for hours and played skritch games ith hypothermya. Much fun. ... I miss Amy. =) My throat is *so* sore from being a cross between Taz and Animal (muppets) for hours last night. eriously the most I've screamed in as long as I can remember. I really need to brush my teeth but my throat and head hurt too much right now. Soon to get rid of it I hope. I danced with my scarf in both hands last night, which was fun. I found a couple flowy patterns with it which made me less bored with my dancing. No clue what others thought/think of it. Ah well. So many people here (camped with us) now. Wonder if more are going to show up...

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