quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

Prostitution selling myself

For the company newsletter which was just reinstated last month:

blurb 1, on how cool ISO Hair is--

"Centric's development paradigm has shifted towards fast development of modular, standards-heavy sites that load faster and turn-around on redevelopment and extension rapidly. ISO Hair is a shining example of that, with even the larger pages sticking under 2 seconds' load time for a 56k modem. Shaving down the layout glue allowed us leeway for richer, more detailed imagery, still with a more responsive site. Meanwhile, the architecture of the site as a whole allows for a far more natural search engine optimization strategy, and backend improvements allowed the designers instant access to refining the presentation--during development."

blurb 2, on my own hiring--

"Kaolin Fire is a product of the Internet and its conceptual predecessors. A veteran of the San Francisco dot com industry, he's recently settled in Southern California; Kaolin has brought his ten years of web development experience to bear with Centric to redefine the way websites are built."

God damn. Ten years.

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