quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

just three hours, so much life. I ... yeah. The Animal Control folks. iceblink thought they were looking for tazmanian devils and I had a taz attack. I ran, spinning, into one of their nets. They dragged me into the back of their truck and [why am I so afraid to invest meaning into things?] tranquilized me with vodka -- giant plastic hypos, orally administrered. they took us [I don't intend for people to realize when I'm slighting them ... I don't go out of my way to do it or generally do it on purpose, but when I do, I really don't...] all back to [I'm not comfortable with my control of my self.] their main camp, a huge kennel, where they tried to adopt us off to folks. It was a lot of fun being the loudest, craziest, most unpredictable animal they had locoked up. Accordingly, I was the last one adopted. La la la. Some old guy that looked kinda cool started to adopt me first, but cat and slafleur gave him a glow stick for me. I came away with a passport stamp. [sometimes I see neat things that are cool and I go off on tangents upon tangents about things I think are cool, and I was starting to do that in my head with burning man, thinking about how I'd explain passport above and all the things that branched out from there and I realized I'd go crazy trying to documet every cool and interesting thing that's out here.] That was a long thought. I miss Amy. :) [I just noticed an interesting difference in smileys that I write that is indiscernible in the end result ... some I write quickly and some slowly and that ... means a lot. I think it maps to a difference in typing as well ... how it's meant, whether it's an immediate grin or a pause and a slowly spreading smile.] Another thought in my attempt at documention. :heh: Hmm. :heh: has been seeming lamer to me lately. It just took forever to write. weird. Hmm. La la la. Then again, maybe it's just the voice I'm using in my head... Where the hell was I? I should make a symbol for (insert zoned out on a different train of thought or got lost in life ... yeah ... Thoughts Happened Here. THH. I could spread that, maybe. La la la. I love to create memes. I'm not very good at it. LHH -- life happened here. Not much thought, just experiencing what was going on around me. LHH. That keeps happening. :) That's burning man, I suppose. :) I'd like more THH. THH & LHH happened there -- GSL -- got so lost. I'm really not into TLAs like that, but I would like SOMETHING to represent those nonetheless. Tracing back, really, where the hell was I?

Before that...

I miss Amy. yeah, I remember that.

:slow smile; I love you Amy, even if you never read this. :)

Oh, DAMN --I came away with a passport stamp, a dogtag, and a squeeze toy. Then we walked back to camp and ... they ate and I started hanging out with troh23 for a while and he was stopping people who walked by and saying hello, asking their names, talking about the wonder that is burning man with any and all that would.

Met with oddlet and some of her immediate campmates.

LHH. :heh: folks are talking about dust levels. bleh. :) 10:45 now. I keep spending so long writing stuff down. I wrote a lot of the red riding hood story. [little red writing hood? a hood people can write on?] It became MUCH more explicit thatn I'd intended. I don't know what happened. LHH & THH.

Actually, before I finished "w what happened," which is typical. Now to see if I can reconstruct what reminded me I was writing in this journal. It was a thought I wanted to get down. I hate it when I can't understand what people say. You can ignore it and play along (worst choice), or say "what?" which sometimes works but is often misconstrued, or repeat the sounds back at them (but people don't seem to understand intent there -- you're not trying to convey information they want. I like hypothermya. She's very earnest. :) She just showed up randomly. I think I said waht I need to. I miss Amy. :)


I miss Amy. :)

hypothermya brings news that the Apoptygma berzerk concert is in an hour. Unexpected. Cool. La la la.

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