quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
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yet another bio blurb

I've been asked to host a q&a at Backspace, following in the footsteps as such luminaries of officialgaiman. Pretty Cool.

Kaolin Fire was born to dreams of the digital world. He entered machine code from a magazine long before he knew the word 'checksum', and marveled at how the computer knew he had typed something incorrectly. A modem scrounged at a flea market introduced him to the concept of a social network, and changed the way he looked at games; it introduced him to his first software development kit, though he'd been programming with some seriousness for several years. His college years saw him learning more from the burgeoning dotcom world, and he's been running with it since--starting with html and perl, learning a bit of msql, quickly jumping to java/jsp with postgresql, dabbling with mysql and php and slowly becoming a css journeyman and mentor. He has been doing web development professionally since 1995, both in salaried positions and as a contractor.

Oh, yeah. I'm talking about webdev and such. He was talking about writing/publishing/etc. As a guest, I got to see the q&a, and it was pretty cool, even though I already follow his syndicated feed (obviously). They have quite a log of folks.

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