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Aug. 29th, 2001

Woek up, morning, morning heat ... it wasn't so bad this night. I slept in the car, which you might think would be worse than a large, shady tent -- but I'm guessing the small car kept my moisture in s.t. I didn't lose it all nearly so quickly. I went to bed earlier and woke up later and feel better than I did. And I didn't get as out of it when I woke up today -- that could be more acclimation, but I'll vote on the pseudoscientific guess above. :)

Unfortunately, waking up at 10:30 means I missed the patrol I signed up for, but ... I'll try to make up for it tomorrow morning or something. I'm sure they'll be happy to have a walk-in volunteer at just the right time. So as soon as I wake up at just the right time ... iceblink just announced (and decided on the when with us) a playa colada party. tomorrow night, 9pm. bring your own cup.

Snatches of metallica running through my head. wonder when folks I know will stop by the lj camp. Memories of alst year, the burn, shouting into the talkabouts with Dave Brown: "Sweetpea & Andrea! Come in, sweetpea & Andrea..."

I think I'm losing my interest in taking pictures -- slafleur has a tripod and a buttload of memory and seems to be a more avid picture taker. Though I haven't seen him roam with his camera, so I don't know if he's getting the art. We're going to pool photos at the end.

I'd feel so much better if I could just write a story. So much better. But now that my writing seems to be getting a little better, it's harder to just write stuff that isn't. and so I have to sit and brainstorm... a good plot, complex characters, hmm.... yep, I've got the golem seed and a cat burglar twist that really couldn't go together but in the most absurd way. Writing absurd feels like giving in, to me. dunno. I don't like it nearly as much.

What makes a good plot? If I'm given something simple, I tend to be able to twist it. I was thinking of doing the red riding hood bit ... maybe I could do it less directly than I had planned; read a couple versions of it a few weeks ago. Got it fresh in my head. I especially loved the "ogre" version of it where the ogre tricks little red riding hood into eating parts of her grandmother. how's this for a twist? by eating her grandmother, she becomes an ogress. then her mother comes looking for her and is caged. killed? caged makes it more difficult to end with the villagers coming and killing them. I know -- the ogre kills er mother but she keeps her for meat, honoring her each time she eats of her. She tries to eat plants and gets sick on them. rocks and dirt don't make her sick but don't fill her, either. It's funny how similar a cannibal story and a vampire story can be. why does she stay with him? because he convinces her she'd be dead if she didn't? or unable to be with any other kind... and she finds he's a nice critter in his own way, though a bit ruthless... (goes to work on story in another spot, no point in taking up so much space with my brainstorming... I hope it doesn't fall apart...)

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