quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

Detritus marches on

Shared Detritus for OSX with a pair of folks at work, who seemed to enjoy it (though they liked Falling Up better...). Ah well. I see I need to make some improvements to Falling Up as well. Which is cool, sort of. Clean it up, make it a little classier (just in part, mind you). My OpenGL fu is definitely stronger.

After a question about GLUT on gamedevelopers, I wound up posting a link to the Windows installer for Detritus, and it seems to have gotten a half dozen downloads or more from that. Which is kind of cool, as well.

That's all.

Still so much to do.

Hmm. For whatever is "current", you can always check out http://erif.org/code/detritus/ -- not linked from anywhere else at the moment. But C9 is where it's at for a bit, I think. I need to think through the "next generation". A couple things up my sleeve. Maybe some cleaning up, too. Depends on how well I can restrain myself from posting every little change. :cough:

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