quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

the observer cannot participate. my camera weighs me dow and keeps me from dancing. but my dancing has been stale lately ... so maybe I'm hiding behind the camera. Also, my notes are weighing me down -- the pouch I carry my passport, map, and events book in. and my glasses. but if I go without everything (my hat, too) then I ... won't find as much as I could otherwise. except I'm doing nothing. not participating. scheisse. now I'm using the excuse of waiting for birthday girl to show back up so we can hold her party. CAKE! when? are people giving up on it? no... but... gah.

I want my partner to be here -- there is so much to do that requires partners. Though most of what I'm more immediately thinking of involves sex-ish group stuff which I don't think Amy and I would do. But it would be so wonderful to have some ONE (amy) to enjoy the playa with.

bored. sad. lonely. I could stare at the wall but would I enjoy it? la la la.

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