quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

went to bed around 3am, woke up around 10am. froze my ass off (while sweating copiously?) around 5am, I'd guess. went to look into why lj camp's mausoleum stamp hadn't arrived yet. found out the stamps haven't gone out, that they will be sometime today. picked up a passport. made a pouch to carry it, the events list, and the map in out of spare cloth (the prototype shirt I made way back went out of rayonish stuff), duct tape, and spare kite rope. I'm very glad I brought random building supplies. next time a sewing kit also. :) wound up volunteering for fence cleanup tomorrow 10am, then I went and helped out with the little maze -- AWESOME! excellent art AND engineering. It's supposed to take about 30 minutes to solve -- 3D! sliding rooms, rotating rooms, doors with al sorts of ingenious catches. :)

My scalp is itching like crazy and I can't believe the amount of sweating I'm doing. I'm actually doing a crash test on my skin. an hour or two yesterday with no burn. three hours today, starting to develop a tan. may go naked tomorrow, just to do it right. might do up info signs for the tent, to help answer people's questions.

losing thoughts -- it's taking some time to write this with colored pencils. maybe I can find a real writing utensil... score! I had one in my pouch. duh. now what else was I going to say? oh yeah...

on the subject of how many entries I'm making all of the sudden and how long they are... I think partially it's due to so much going on that I don't want to lose and partially due to needing breaks from the sun and such and ... yeah. that and that.

I came back to the tent to relieve slafleur from duty, but he doesn't seem to need it so I may go out again soon. Water! Need Water! My bottle has been SO HOT it's been just shy of boiling -- rather nice, actually; nicer than warm water, like tea with less flavor, less nauseating than water that's just warm. of course, cold water would be a delicacy right now. fighting the urge to go spend money in center camp -- not what burning man is about!

My headache went away with sleep and I don't expect it to come back. I did my time acclimating, I hope. :) Oh.

I wanted to investigate desins for vehicles to KEEP DUST DOWN. There's got to be a way to "naturally" circulate the dust that gets kicked up and flow it around and slam it down... maybe to the side... sounds feasible...

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