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My poor, poor game

It so badly needs a name. (other than Detritus) But I've managed to revive it the slightest bit, figuring out better texture maps, and adding an octopus from mrbub. It looks like it's shaping up to be truly awesome, as each bit of graphic gives me thousands of ideas for what the game could be like. No, that doesn't logically follow--in fact, quite the opposite, but I'm really excited about it, and _that_ should count for something.

Spent the usual 4 hours hunting for a nice, simple, single-file png library. Got a nice, simple, single-file zip library, and may apply that to my growing collection of .raw files. :twitch: I don't have any sound and probably only have a tenth of the graphics I intend... (and next to none of the functionality, but that doesn't impact size nearly as much), and I'm at nearly 2 megs for the windows installer. Spent most of my time working on new graphics. And learned a couple photoshop tricks while I was at it, though mostly nothing I could apply. Just little things, like ctrl-del will flood fill to background color, ctrl-j copies a layer, shift-ctrl-n creates a new layer, ctrl-i inverts the colors of a layer. I think I knew that last one, and the one before it I knew a long time ago but forgot. ctrl-j and ctrl-del are completely new to me.

If you want to see the prettiness (or ugliness, because it's inbetween?) as it stands, is http://alethe.net/~k/DetritusSetup.exe

Here's two barely visible screenshots:

From that second shot, you'll see I tossed in 100 asteroids to see what it would look like. ;) Oh, and I set them to spinning at different spin rates, too. Code is needing a major rethink already. Like editing a story while I'm writing it. Everything's coming together, right? Except code is easier--you can leave the internals ugly and nobody will notice. Writing--everybody notices, or just about.

Meanwhile, would anyone know why I can copy files by scp from my windows box (shout) to my freebsd box (newt) at a speed of 140kB/s, but the reverse only works at about 40kB/s? And I can copy via samba from newt to shout at around 1MB/s. ((this is all on a local network))

Unrelated as well, I want to be able to put as many keywords in the mood field as I like. Fie!

And harking back to (just last night?), I've been daydreaming a bit things that it would be nice to have in a piece of software to help me organize all my writing. Which of course will be a website, if I build it. The question is how to make a piddling amount of money off of other people wanting to use the same tool after it's built. Well, and whether it's worth building regardless of money, and all that. And all that. And all that. But anything that helps get me published is worth something, right? (no, I played enough D&D, I know all the essential loopholes in a statement like that). Tra la la.

Good night.

I think I'm going to take a shower.

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