quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

dreams just get weirder and weirder....

I've been sleeping too much (sort of), of late; dreams of an outrageous and disturbing manner occur when I've done the sleeping I should, but go back to sleep.

Need to get to work, so I'll have to leave off some details. :/ Maybe I can fill them in later. For now, a tease, and probably that's all this every will be:

I take down the network, working on things; Amy calls me over to look at the house we just got; it's ever so cool; huge, airy, bright and open, efficiently designed, strange faucet knobs and ... such. I realize I haven't set up DSL yet, and that my network has been down for a while. I get a call from a friend (in Sweden) on the way back (though it's really a business associate of his--needs some files off of the server, though what he's doing putting business files on imaginaries I haven't the faintest), realize I didn't bring the network bridge back with me--run back to the house, hang out with James who does some jamming on the guitar; we talk for a while, then remember what a rush I'm in, again... _get_ the network bridge, pass through security (strange!? either military security, or ... no, definitely military, just maybe company military as opposed to government military) on my way back, and as I'm heading to a portal that will take me back to my apartment an alarm goes off [[and no, this wasn't my actual alarm because I had answered that 30 minutes earlier, and not reprogrammed it to go off again]]... one or two scattered un-troop-like troops head towards a different portal, to my left, where the red alarm glares--and I start to run towards it myself, thinking it was a good thing I hadn't had breakfast yet.

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