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Not sure what I think of it yet. It does a lot of what I'd want something like it to do. Mypics the way of the dodo? Perhaps. I'll have to come up with exporters if people ask. Meh, feh, and bah. Humbug? Anyway, so far flickr is neat in only the way something can be neat when a team of nifty people focus on one thing and nothing else. Made a livejournal account to go with my new flickr account, though it also offers rss feeds. The one thing that would be ubernifty would be to have it do the lj posts (or rss feed) as a once-per-day thing. As rambled about below. For now... I'm really not sure what I'm going to do. But I've got a folder of "city pics" that I've been keeping... not much, really. I've put up the first 10 megs of them, ish. 10 megs/month limit. So in four or five months I'll have up what I've taken so far. :) Or at least, what I consider the more interesting bits of them. Or representative bits. Or something. nentwined_flckr and I think this is my main account on flickr. They let you pick a webname that would become flickr.com/photos/webname/ but once you do you're stuck with it, so I figured I'd let it sit and see what I thought of it.


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