quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

taking pictures

I think I might start a photoblog. Tempted to morph mypics into something that supports that easily... say it will "publish" one picture a day out of a given folder... in the order they were uploaded... easiest would be to allow everyone access to the published images ahead of time if such was their desire (if they went around the rss feed, straight to the source, or just numberhopped since items are sequential...). next easiest would be to deny directlinks on the ones that hadn't yet been published (thus curing the numberhopping). next would be to move them to a "publish" folder, leaving the unpublished ones not viewable.

Next would be to use someone else's thing for all this, or use livejournal, or something.

I'm wishing lj allowed keywords for individual entries, and mojo of some sort around that. I wonder if it's on their list anywhere.


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