quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

warren ellis: lj fast art stunt


"You've got a week. Produce either a 200-word piece of prose, or a photo or photo-manip, or a drawing, or a painting, or a fucking whatever so long as it fits on a LiveJournal entry.

The theme is FUTURITY. The future. Our future, your future, someone else's future. A thousand years from now, ten minutes from now. What it's going to be like, what you're going to be like, what you want to be, what the rest of us are going to be, fucking whatever. What colour the sky's going to be. What happens when you can phone your own liver -- and the line's engaged. What an RSS-feed seventh sense GPRSd into your forebrain feels like. Whether kissing is different. Whether you're going to be here tomorrow. I don't care. The theme is as broad as it can possibly be. Do what comes to you, what moves you -- from 200 words on having an Tivo-equipped womb to a photoshopped webcam pic of who you want to be after the Giant Space Penis plugs Mt St Helen to save the world, I dunno.


And on Friday October 15, you will await orders as to what to do with it."

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