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my side of a rather one-sided conversation, watching the debate

((the friend I was conversing with couldn't get the feed, and I think was at work))

this is surreal. this hurts.............. oh man this hurts. first question was "Senator, do you think you can do a better job of perparing the united states for another terrorist attack, like sept 11?" from my POV, as much as I went into this not liking Kerry, and abhorring Bush... well, Kerry at least comes across as intelligent. says thing. Bush has platitudes. it's horrid. seeing them jotting down notes while each other are talking. the facial expressions of bush are obscene.

Kerry got in a great quip. quietlike. bush wanted to break in, kerry said, "sure, break it, change the rules, it's what you're doing the whole time" I weep.

HOLY SHIT. THIS IS. "Because we had such a rapid victory, there were more loyalists still against us when we won" bush: "It's hard work. I understand how hard it is. I get the casualty reports every day. I see the reports on the teevee screen." though kerry harping on "90% of the casualties and 90% of the costs" is getting old. kerry was just asked to give examples of president bush lying. he's not doing as well as he should have with this. he's repeating himself on sidethings. god damn it you fuckers quit repeating yourselves! :whimper: bush keeps running over. "uh. uh. let me finish." to repeat himself. now they're just bouncing back and forth on whether kerry waffles. GDub just said "we owe it to future generations to rid the world of weapons of mass destruction. [[except us of course, right?]]

gdub on whether he feels it was worth the 1000 lives and counting to do what we've done: "(some preamble introducing one character) It's hard work to love her, knowing that I'm the reason her husband was killed, but I understand." FUCK! "Every life is precious. That's what distinguishes us from the enemy."

john kerry's idea on how to do stuff better: "a summit. better training, faster. more international help. a four point plan. go to johnkerry.com to see more of it. or you can have the president's plan, in four words. 'more of the same'. I will never let those troops down and will hunt and kill those terrorists, wherever they are." bush is back to saying john kerry waffles endlessly. bush is back to hard work.

"we have a determined enemy. they're trying to defeat us. my opponent says he's going to try to change the 'die nam miks on the growund.' you can't change the 'die nam miks on the growund' if you make fun of the leader of Iraq."

bush keeps (*#$&#( stammering. "they're fighrting us because they're fighting freedom. they understand that a free iraq or a free afghanistan will be a major defeat for them. we're going to win." "by speaking clearly and meaning what we say, we've made the world more positive."

kerry said "factually incorrect." I like him saying that. oh man. this hurts. hurt hurt hurt hurt hurts.

Bush really looks like he's in pain.

bush just hit a new stride on a new question, fighting old attacks implicitly. though he really, really does not talk well. he keeps accusing kerry of doing injustice to everyone who has helped the US when Kerry says that Bush has not done enough to create a global community.

Kerry -- "With respect to North Korea. The real story." :heh: Kerry just spoke very strongly. That was nice. and a good tossback. :)

:HEH: this is funny. mediator is trying to understand what their stance is on his question.

'mexed missages send the wrong signals to our troups, to our allies, to the iraqi citizens. that's my biggest concern about my opponent. I just know how this world works, and there must be certainty from the US president. We change our tactics when we need to, we do not change our strategic beliefs."

"I have no intention of wilting. I've never wilted in my life. I've never wavered in my life." -- Kerry.

"Nuclear proliferation. Nuclear proliferation." Look! I can say the words!

overall--depressing. I felt like Kerry did a good job, after going in not liking either candidate (admittedly liking Bush a lot less). but the callers did not seem to support my theory.

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