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not-so-weak end

Friday I really started pounding on work and decided I was going to have to do something spiff to pull through on a project due at the end of Monday. Still, I zoned out most of the day, until other folks left. So I worked pretty damned well from 5p until 8p, headed over to a friend's for dinner and games. Went back to work around midnight or one, stayed and stayed pretty productive until 4. Slept at home from 4 until 10.

So then on Saturday, I awoke groggily, well before my alarm (set for 1pm). I putted about a bit, but I'd been looking forward to painting all week, and that's what I was going to do. I had a bunch of sketches I'd been keeping, and wound up bringing those into photoshop along with a couple of old photos, moved thing around, sized, etc, and printed out two sheets of four images apiece, then went outside with canvases, etc. Painted the five paintings you've surely already seen me gloating about. Then, planning to go back into work, I received a distress call of the "somebody spend some time with me" sort. Went to hypothermya's and had a wonderfully tasty homecooked meal ((po taters 'n salad (with scrumdillyumptious ginger wasabi dressing--there were a mighty selection of dressings), and scrumdillyumptious flavorified shrimp, and scrumdillyumptious gingerbread men things)). Hung out as well (for a bit) with AJ, and with a node of Dave. Played an awesome gorgeous scarecrow flash game ((I'll link it if hypothermya reminds me where it is. ;) [[edit: linked]] )). And watched Logan's Run, finally. Still need to read the book. ((looks like there's a new logan's run "in production, 2005". with an age of 21 instead of 30. erm...?)) Then it was on in to work, where I was mildly productive for a few hours, then crashed out on the couch, then worked a little more, then...

...well, it was Sunday. And I was going riding with a friend. To go riding. ((on motorcycles, of course)). But I was groggy from things when I woke, so we took it slow. I headed to el friend's house and we hung out a bit, talking, with other folks there as well, as well as a good friend I hadn't seen in forever (which is typical). Hell, that's typical of a good majority of my friendships. I don't get out much. Anyway, we all went to see Shaun of the Dead, which purely kicked ass. A Romantic Comedy. With Zombies. It so was. :) Then we got back, played a bit of Fluxx, which kicks ass as a (quick, generally?) game. Then Michael and I went riding... 580 to 680 to 4 to 80 to Hilltop Mall, where everything was just closing and the foodplace Michael wanted had entirely ceased to exist in any case. Down the 80 a bit further to Taco Bell ((I had a spicy chicken burrito and a super soft taco, both of which kicked ass--in a good way)). Then back up the 80, down the 4, a detour through Martinez to Amtrak, essentially, picked up the 680, past the 4, at the 680/24 split the 680 was nearly stopped so we went 24 to the 13 to 580 back to Michael's place, where Snatch had just started being watched (10 minutes in). Sat and watched that until it was dead, talked people into "just one short" game of Fluxx, which became three relatively short games, then headed home to feed the cats and decompress. I'd intended to head into work, sleep there, etc, but decided it would be easier to sleep first, then go in. Which wound up being sleep at midnight, then hitting snooze every five minutes on my alarm starting at 4:30, and, er, yeah. Then... around 6... I think someone installed a halfpipe or something. And was skating up and down methodically. At least, that was the sound. Then some really rich dreams, then I finally got out of bed at 7a. And... yeah, at work. Yeah.

So now it's monday... Project is due by the end of the day. La la la. :)

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