quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

gmail invite spooler

a very nifty++ idea: http://isnoop.net/gmailomatic.php

seems like it would have been obvious, but I wracked my poor noggin trying to come up with something and that simply failed to occur. bah. just sent it four invites.

The weekend was...


It is gone, now.

Train down to los angeles on friday, arrived at some late, late hour (after connecting bus), picked up by amy, then drove to her folks' place and slept. Then slept some more, woke up a bit, and slept. Slept a bit more, got up for Sky Captain (soooooooooo pretty!) and dinner (Amy's found a really nice, inexpensive Indian place) that serves what I consider proper chai (I think it's the crushed cardamum). Then we slept some more. The next day was a buffet breakfast at the 94th aero squadron (where the wedding is going to be), which was not really outstanding food, but good for a buffet. And there was certainly a lot of it.

And then I took the train up. Soooo stir crazy on the trip back up. On the way down I wrote 2000 words on the story I'm working on at the moment. On the way back up, probably not 500.

It's a six hour train trip! Oy. Lots of doodles that will become paintings. This weekend, if not before. Again, more on the way down than up. La.

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