quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random


yesterday was a day of driving. I shouldn't be here, but. ARGH. Five hours from LA to Berkeley (shared with Amy -- I did 6:40am to 9am or so). A few short hours packing for burning man and stressing out. An hour and a bit driving north and I notice strange exhaust and the oil light begins to flicker. Pull over -- I'm out of oil. Wait for it to cool off, fill it up, notice it's leaking like there's no tomorrow (and it might be leaking gas, too, can't quite tell -- some clear liquid is dropping onto my feet from the dashboard. Given that's where the gas tank is (it's a vw bug for anyone who wasn't paying attention). It's either that or the wiper fluid, but the wiper fluid's blue. Dunno. I couldn't smell it on the drops, but I did smell gas in the car in general, but that could just be vw's lovely ventilation system. FOUR AND A HALF HOURS nursing it back to Berkeley, where I manage to rent a friend's car for the week. $2000 in the hole on the vw and it won't even do what I bought it for. A bit peeved at myself. La la la. Bleah.

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