quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

to change a name...

Finally made it into the courthouse this morning, right place, and I started asking questions...

They answered the first one, then referred me to a packet, which they then gave me.

So I now have a packet to read, which contains very little information, but if everything I need to know is in there then that's a positive thing at least.

The security at the door wouldn't let me in with my camera. They offered to hold it for me (which I allowed seeing as I couldn't really stow it anywhere secure on my bike). WTF is up with that? They let in the cellphone, ipod, ... my shoes went beepbeep in the security thinger, so I took them off to run through the conveyer.

And wouldn't you know, the day I finally make it in and do all this stuff is the day i finally get to work "on time", and get to unlock the office door, turn on the lights, etc.

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