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Okay. I'm alive. Right. Not much there.

What prompted me here: "Chinese forestry officials said in June that pandas were rebounding from the brink of extinction, thanks to an improved and expanded habitat, but they were not yet out of the woods."

Isn't the trick to panda breeding you want them _IN_ the woods? Eh?

That out of the way, I don't know what to say. It's been a long time.

I quit NFG, which was years in the making. Poking at issue 5, which I (sort of) received yesterday cements my gladness. The content is first-rate. The presentation is third-rate at best, in my opinion, and that seems to be the _target_ of the person with the money, so no amount of bitching or suggesting or working or anything is going to make one whit of difference. ((they don't consider their target third rate, they're going for a certain something, and I just have no respect for that certain something)). I've been in the process of handing over the server administration (and hosting, for that matter) to someone else for several months, and was somewhat delaying my leaving until that was a done deal, but I'm just sick of it. NFG sapped hours of every day from me, regardless of how little actual work I decided to do on it. Immense aggrivation.

Meanwhile... I haven't managed to work on imaginaries at all, either. But, really, I have a bit. I'm making slow progress on a lot of things, and it feels good. Not how slow it all is, necessarily, but that it is progress. I did one of two major obligations for speculativeliterature.org (the minor one, but it's a start, and now I feel a little more comfortable with php... next, an intelligent database design with php).

Spent a good thirty hours of hell on tentacle (dot net) the weekend before last. I'm still reeling from that. Just a minor upgrade, dropping it into a new case and adding some drives. So much went wrong.

Amy and I chilled at casa de harris ranch for the weekend, which was nice. Relaxing. We slept a lot. I bought and read issue 3 of Night Train, a beautiful literary fiction magazine. And now I'm interested in writing some literary fiction. Or rather, I tried to. Or. Some part of me tried to. It flowed... but I have no idea if I'm actually interested or how I did. ;)

All those revisions to Unicorn Hunt did little good so far; rejection letter back from Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction in no time. I sent it out to Strange Horizons and am now awaiting yet another "thanks but". Of course, I need to write more, and I need to send out my stuff more. I need to edit more, even. The novels I'm working on appear to be stalled at the moment. They will not remain that way indefinitely. :/

Games do seem to be stalled, though I owe an email back to someone in particular who was sending me _much_ help.

I owe lots of emails all over the place. I've only sort of been keeping up with livejournal--generally not looking back more than a page or two when I fall behind.

I set up apache2 with subversion and php. Subversion for Project Fanout to hopefully use, and php because it would be nice to have a spare box to play with php projects on. These are all on my main windows machine (what I play games on and ssh to other machines through). Still with the resin on my server, which I've tried to plug into php some, but... eh. And I haven't attempted to put apache in front of resin yet--supposedly easy, just haven't. A weekend project some day, given the number of virtual hosts I have.

I don't think there's anything else to talk about at the immediate moment. Wedding plans full steam ahead.

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