quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

how they actin' in acton?

right. head pounding. not quite. almost. several days in acton with amy's family. good times. like her siblings. too much to drink in air much too dry (actually, I really like the weather here ... supposedly this is much cooler than it's supposed to be, but so long as it doesn't remember that while I"m here...) and soon to be heading out into the nevada desert with no protection but my fumbling wits (and friends). for a week. work may be a welcome reprieve after all this vacation. :) Ah, I'll be enjoying it more once I can pour more water into my stomach and lubricate my blood some. Really had too much to drink last night. Wandering around in a fair today. Then a Dylan concert. Should be good if I can get water in me. :) La la la.

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